Don’t let illness and disease change your plans

AEON with Critical Illness Benefit

Start preparing funds which your family can rely on during times of dire medical emergency. Our health insurance plans can act as your saving grace.

Basic Features:

Family Protection:

Guaranteed coverage until age 99

Living Benefit:

100% of sum insured at maturity period

Accidental Death Benefit:

Additional benefits if death is due to accident

Waiver Benefit:

Termination of succeeding premiums in case of total and permanent disability


Critical Illness Benefit:

Receive Living Benefits upon diagnosis of any of the defined 35 critical illnesses*

Guaranteed Paying Period:

Until age 98

Cash Value:

Saved finances for emergency use


Accumulation of yearly company surplus

Non-forfeiture Options:

In case of premium default



Issue Ages:

18-55 years old

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