Employee of the Year

2014 Employee of the Year (EOY)

Ms. Elvira R. Arce, or “Ella”, First Life’s Customer Service Specialist, was recently named as “2014 Employee of the Year (EOY)”, the company’s most prestigious award for employees. Believing that human resource is its most important asset, First Life continues to provide numerous avenues for employee development where a strong track record in the areas of work ethics, building positive relationships and contribution to productivity is recognized and celebrated by the entire organization. Ms. Ella graduated Cum Laude on B.S. Finance from the University of Makati, and has been with First Life since 2010.

Apart from giving recognition to employees who have rendered notable contribution to the company while upholding corporate values, the EOY Award also promotes peer recognition as nominations are submitted by fellow employees.

Now on its 13th year, the award continues to motivate and give credit to all the hard work and dedication of First Life employees.