A non-traditional life insurance plan with benefits directly linked to the performance of the units of investment fund/s you choose.

  • In a traditional life insurance plan, the premiums, cash values and Death Benefit are fixed and it is the Company that decides on where to invest the premiums.
  • In a variable life insurance plan, premiums and Death Benefit are flexible, and account values depend on the investment performance of the fund/s you have chosen. 
  • One-stop Comprehensive Product – it combines both insurance and investment into one solution to ensure that your wide range of needs are met.
  • Flexibility – versus traditional products, this product provides you the flexibility of selecting your own investment options.
  • Earning Potential – although you may have to take more risks, you are rewarded with potentially higher returns.

Your beneficiaries will receive the amount equivalent to your Sum insured or the Account Value, whichever is higher.

Upon approval of your application for insurance and upon receipt by us of your premium payment in cleared funds.