Safeguard your family’s finances and security

Hospital Cash Plus

Providing you peace of mind when the unexpected happens



Basic Features:

Family Protection:
Guaranteed coverage for 15 years

Accidental Death Benefit:
Offers an additional benefit if death occurs due to accident

Waiver Benefit:
Allows the waiver of future premiums in case of Insured’s total and permanent disability

Guaranteed Paying Period:
Premiums payable for 5 years

Return of Premium:
Return of Basic Premiums at the end of 15th year.

Hospital Income Benefit:
100% of Hospital Cash Sum Insured for each day the insured is an in-patient in a Hospital during coverage period, subject to minimum 3 days of hospitalization

200% of Hospital Cash Sum Insured for each day the Insured is in Intensive Care Unit(ICU), limited to a maximum of 30 days per policy year.