Group Insurance

Provide your organization with greater financial stability

Group Yearly Renewable Term (GYRT)

Highly advisable for business organizations and corporations looking to enhance their internal employee benefits program. This plan is focused on life protection, with additional riders that can be attached to further enhance the coverage.

Group Creditors Life Insurance (GCLI)

This plan provides financial coverage in the event of death, prior to the maturity of an obligation, of persons indebted to a creditor. The policy is issued to the Creditor covering the lives of his debtors, for which such debtors are insured for an amount equivalent to the outstanding obligation, subject to a maximum limit. 

Group Mortgage Redemption Insurance (GMRI)

This package is exclusively designed to provide monetary cover for home loan borrowers and their family members. It is meant to help in settling the outstanding loan of the borrower in case of unfortunate events, easing the burden of loan repayment or repossession of assets for surviving members.