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1st Investment Peso Optimizer


These 5-10-15 pay variable life insurance product that provides living and death benefits. 

Basic Features:

Guaranteed Paying Period:

Premiums payable for 5, 10 & 15 years

Sum Insured Multiplier:

10x up to 40x of Basic Annual Premium(Multiples of 5) 

Investment Funds:

Bond, Equity, High Dividend Equity & Balanced Fund 

Fund Switch:

5 free Fund Switch


Increase your investment anytime

Loyalty Bonus:

To be provided on the 25th policy anniversary and every 5 years thereafter


Philippine Peso

Issue Ages:

0-60 y/o

Maturity Age:

99 y/o

Mininum Annual Premium:

P 30,000

Mode of Payment:

Annual, Semi-Annual, Quarterly