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1st Peso iProtect

A regular-pay life insurance plan in which you gain more through the use of Partial Withdrawals. The plan also provides both living and death benefits. The Living Benefits depend on the investment performance of the fund, while the Death Benefits are equal to the insured sum.

Basic Features:

Family Protection:
Coverage up to age 99

Living Benefit:
Equal to fund’s account value

Accidental Death Benefit:
Additional benefits if death is due to accident

Waiver Benefit:
Termination of succeeding premiums in case of total and permanent disability

Critical Illness Benefit:
Receive Living Benefits upon diagnosis of any of the 35 defined critical illnesses*

Paying Period:
Up to age 98

Premium Holiday:
In case of economic hardship


Minimum Single Premium:

Minimum PhP1,000 Accelerate fund’s growth

Enjoy your wealth or finance emergency needs

Fund Switch:
Capitalize on the growth of a particular fund

Issue Ages:
0-70 years old