Safeguard your family’s finances and security

1st Star Series

Our standard life insurance package comes in either 5 or 10 yearly peso-based installment plans. Its basic features include Family Protection as well as Living, Terminal Illness, Accidental Death, and Waiver benefits. With a protection period up until 99 years, you can guarantee your family a financial safety net your whole life and beyond.

Basic Features:

Family Protection:
Guaranteed coverage until age 99

Living Benefit:
100% of sum insured at maturity period

Terminal Illness Benefit:
Advanced payment of 100% sum insured, up to a maximum of PhP5M, upon diagnosis of terminal illness

Accidental Death Benefit:
Additional benefits if death is due to accident

Waiver Benefit:
Termination of succeeding premiums in case of total and permanent disability

Guaranteed Paying Period:
Five years for 1st Star 5,

Ten years for 1st Star 10

Cash Value:
Saved finances for emergency needs

Accumulation of yearly company surplus

Non-forfeiture Options:
In case of premium defaults

Peso / Dollar

Issue Ages:
0-70 years old for 1st Star 5,

0-60 years old for 1st Star 10