1st Investment Peso Optimizer

is a limited pay variable life insurance that provides living and death benefits. A flexible paying period of 5, 10, or 15 years and sum insured multiplier from 10 up to 40 times of the Annual Premium.

Living Benefits are equal to the Account Value, which will depend on the investment performance of the fund.

The death benefit is equal to the Sum Insured or the Account Value, whichever is higher.

Product Features:

• Guaranteed Paying Period: Premiums payable for 5, 10 & 15 years
• Sum Insured Multiplier: 10x up to 40x of Basic Annual Premium(Multiples of 5)
• Investment Funds: Bond, Equity, High Dividend Equity & Balanced Fund
• Fund Switch: 5 free Fund Switch
• Top-ups: Increase your investment anytime
• Loyalty Bonus: To be provided on the 25th policy anniversary and every 5 years thereafter

• Denomination: Philippine Peso
• Issue Ages: 0-60 y/o
• Maturity Age: 99 y/o
• Mininum Annual Premium: P 30,000
• Mode of Payment: Annual, Semi-Annual, Quarterly