Safeguard your family’s finances and security

Term 65 Series

Assemble the pieces you need for a happy and comfortable retirement. This plan can ensure your money grows safely in time for your senior years. This gives you the extra funds you need to enjoy the rest of your life.

Basic Features:

Family Protection:
Coverage until age 65

Accidental Death Benefit:
Additional benefits if death is due to accident

Waiver Benefit:
Termination of succeeding premiums in case of total and permanent disability

Paying Period:
10 years for 10 Pay term or up to age 64 for Regular Pay Term 65

Cash Value:
Saved finances for emergency use

Non-forfeiture Options:
In case of premium default


Issue Ages:
20-55 years old for 10 Pay term or 20-50 years old for Regular Pay Term 65