1st Asset Saver 88 Series

Ensure your family receives the endowment they deserve when the time comes. This 8-pay non-participating plan provides coverage up to 88 years of age. This will include Family Protection as well as Living, Accidental Death, and Waiver benefits.

Product Features:

  • Family Protection: Guaranteed insurance until age 88
  • Living Benefit: 100% of sum insured at maturity period. 1st Asset Saver 88 Plus has additional benefits of 100% sum insured at the end of 20th policy year.
  • Accidental Death Benefit: Additional benefits if death is due to accident
  • Waiver Benefit: Termination of succeeding premiums in case of total and permanent disability
  • Guaranteed Paying Period: 8 years
  • Cash Value: Saved finances for emergency use
  • Non-forfeiture Options: In case of premium default
  • Currency: Peso
  • Issue Ages: 0-65 years old for 1st Asset Saver 88