First Life and RoyalCare Forge Strategic Partnership to Expand Insurance Access for Filipinos

From left to right: Mr. Erwin Perez, Mr. Ronaldo Roque, Mr. Bong Valenzuela, Mr. Peter Coyiuto, Mr. Meynard Esguerra, Dr. Aldwin Aganon, Ms. Linda Navarro, and Mr. Arthur Esguerra

MAKATI CITY, Philippines – May 24, 2024 – In a momentous occasion held at the Manila Golf Club last Friday, industry leaders First Life and RoyalCare Marketing Services cemented a strategic partnership that promises to significantly expand access to life and health insurance solutions for Filipinos, particularly those within the underserved market segments.

The formal signing ceremony, marked by a spirit of collaboration and shared vision, signifies a powerful union between First Life’s established presence and RoyalCare’s extensive experience in the service contracting industry.

Strengthening the Filipino People’s Safety Net

Peter Coyiuto, President and CEO of First Life, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, highlighting the shared mission to elevate the lives of Filipinos. “Today marks the formalization of a friendship between First Life and RoyalCare,” Coyiuto stated. “Our ultimate goal, at the end of the day, is to improve and uplift the lives of the Filipino people. Through this partnership, we aim to ensure that there’s a product readily available, from both RoyalCare and First Life, to address various needs, whether it’s education planning, emergencies, or even unfortunate events.”

By leveraging RoyalCare’s expertise in acquiring companies and cooperatives within and outside key associations, the partnership strategically targets previously unserved markets nationwide.

RoyalCare’s Focus on Underserved Segments

Meynard Esguerra, Chairman and CEO of RoyalCare, emphasized their commitment to delivering exceptional results and upholding a shared vision of excellence. “We are deeply honored to be chosen as a partner by First Life,” Esguerra declared. “This partnership signifies a dedication to serving with integrity and achieving outstanding results. We embark on this journey not just to benefit our organizations, but to enrich the lives of those we serve.”

RoyalCare will focus on expanding First Life’s reach within the service contracting, micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs), and cooperative sectors. Additionally, they will offer a comprehensive suite of life and non-life insurance products, fostering a dependency on both companies for Filipino families’ total insurance needs.

A Synergistic Collaboration

This strategic alliance unlocks numerous benefits for all stakeholders involved. First Life gains access to a broader market base through RoyalCare’s established network. RoyalCare, in turn, strengthens its product portfolio by offering First Life’s comprehensive insurance solutions. Most importantly, Filipino individuals and families gain access to a wider range of life and health insurance solutions, empowering them to plan for a more secure future.

With a shared commitment to empowering Filipinos, First Life and RoyalCare’s partnership signifies a pivotal step towards a future where financial security is accessible to all. Through this strategic collaboration, both companies aim to build a more resilient and financially secure Filipino community.

About First Life

First Life is the life insurance arm of the Coyiuto Group of Companies which includes Prudential Guarantee Assurance. They offer a wide range of products and services designed to meet the diverse needs of Filipinos. With a long and distinguished history, First Life is committed to providing its clients with reliable and innovative insurance solutions that help them achieve their financial goals.

About RoyalCare Marketing Services

RoyalCare Marketing Services is a company with extensive experience in the service contracting industry. They specialize in acquiring companies and cooperatives within key industry associations, allowing them to reach a broad and diverse audience. RoyalCare is committed to providing its clients with exceptional service and delivering results.