Your optimal financial future awaits

1st Investment Peso Optimizer

These 5-10-15 pay variable life insurance product that provides living and death benefits. 

1st Investment Peso Max

A low-minimum, single-pay premium investment, this insurance plan can do wonders for diversifying your portfolio. Choose from investment schemes available like bond, equity, and balanced funds. This whole-life package also gives you assistance from one of our investment experts, guaranteeing that your investment is in qualified hands.

1st Investment Dollar Max

This single-pay, dollar-denominated plan guarantees you whole-life protection together with an opportunity for optimal return on investment. Treat this as your driving force towards a stronger and more stable financial future. 

1st Peso iProtect

A regular-pay life insurance plan in which you gain more through the use of Partial Withdrawals. The plan also provides both living and death benefits. The Living Benefits depend on the investment performance of the fund, while the Death Benefits are equal to the insured sum.